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Wednesday, January 21, 2015
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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As of this writing effective December 24, 2015 we are a -12 for membership this year. Remember we are trying to be a plus 1 for the year ending April 30, 2016. This means new members but also returning members. If you sponsored someone encourage them to pay their dues renewal. If they haven’t been around in awhile invite them down to one of our functions.
I know a way to raise over $700/day; over $100/manhour, over $10,000/year. Want to join in and help? Can you volunteer 2 to 4 hours? We already do this. Just recently had a Poker Fundraiser and made $3,000 in 3 days. We had 4 volunteers total out of 300+ members; 2 of those 4 worked 20 hours each. This profit is comparable to 2 months of typical lodge profits. It was a huge disappointment that we did not support this fundraiser. We have another Poker Fundraiser coming January 17-20. Can you please help?

David H. Stonik Administrator

Need information regarding upcoming events be sure to check the Lodge bulletin board, call 248-344-0920 or online at lodge1190.moosepages.org.

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